Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique that originated in China about 5000 years ago. Donna was extensively trained in cupping techniques as part of her Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Cupping pulls the fascia away from the muscles, which helps relieve pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow to tight, constricted muscles. It relaxes muscles, and can improve range of motion and recovery time, which is why it is used so often by athletes. It also pulls blood and lymph to the surface, which allows the body to remove cellular waste more effectively.

There are several different kinds of cups, but most acupuncturists use glass and silicone. Different conditions require different cups and techniques, and it’s very important to have a trained practioner who can assess the proper length of time to leave the cups on, and can diagnose and interpret your body’s responses.

Most people just experience a mild, pleasant, pulling sensation while being cupped. But the sensation will be definitely be stronger depending on muscle tightness and the condition and area being treated.

Some conditions that respond really well to cupping:





Respiratory Issues

…just to name a few