FAQ – herbs

What’s the difference between Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine?

Western herbs are usually prescribed to treat symptoms, like a runny nose or a headache. They depend on the same diagnostic criteria that used by Western medicine. Chinese medicine diagnoses uses an extremely complex diagnostic system, and the formulas are created to address those specific patterns.
Chinese herbalism classifies herbs not just by function, but by
•    nature
•    taste
•    affinity
•    action
Chinese herbal formulas are designed to address the symptoms while at the same time treating the underlying pattern and bringing the entire system into balance. So a pain formula wouldn’t just treat pain, but also increase circulation to heal the tissue, resolve the underlying cause and bring the system into balance.

Why are most Chinese formulas only available by prescription from an acupuncturist?

Chinese herbal  formulas are created for very specific patterns and conditions, which require years of training and education to master.

What is herbal medicine used for?

Herbs can be used for virtually every condition or disease. Allergies, menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms,  autoimmune issues, digestive complaints all respond favorably to herbs.

How long do I need to take my herbs?

It depends on your condition. It may take a couple weeks for an acute injury to resolve. It can take months for gynecological or other chronic conditions.

Do all the herbs come from China?

15-20% of herbs used in traditional Chinese formulas originated in other countries. They’re called “Chinese herbal formulas”  when   prescribed according to Chinese medical theory and pattern diagnosis.